Reclaiming You​

Jeanette Herrington

Looking for a simple wellness guide for health and happiness for over 45s?

In this easy to read motivational book, you’ll learn how to feel energised and confident every day by adopting lasting positive changes in wellness. Written especially for women over 45, the tips and strategies within can help you no matter where you are at in your own health journey.

  • Are you new to exercise or planning a comeback?
  • Have you lost your motivation or confidence?
  • Do you need help to take those first steps on the path to fitness?
  • Or are you waiting for the New Year… again?

As a new mum in her 40s, Jeanette Herrington was struggling to regain her health and fitness. Feeling exhausted, frumpy and low on confidence, she decided enough was enough and it was time to take back control to improve her health.

Jeanette’s health journey transformed her life, and led her to become a personal training coach dedicated to helping other women find their spark. In this book she shares insights and strategies from her 12-year journey as a fitness professional to help guide you to explore new possibilities and refocus on what you CAN do to re-evaluate, recharge and reclaim your own vision of health and happiness.


Hi, I’m Jeanette Herrington, author of Reclaiming You. I’m passionate about helping women make lasting positive changes in their lives and experience confidence and joy around fitness from a position of positivity—not because they feel like they ‘have to’.

It can be confusing to know how to start and who to trust amid a constant stream of marketing campaigns promoting the latest quick fix! I don’t believe that one size fits all and can help you decide what’s best once I know more about YOU! Let’s chat and kickstart your journey!